A Very Happy New Year!

Chiang Rai flower decorations.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year! May it bring you all prosperity and happiness 🙂

An image I really like from my travels in Thailand over New Years a few years back – obviously it’s been slightly modified to give the right message. Love how they use lights to decorate any and every thing for the holidays in South East Asia.

A very unique corporate PR event at The Chambers of Flavour.

A very entertaining afternoon corporate PR event with The Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) at The Chambers of Flavour.

A safety briefing by a crazy scientist at the secret location of the very marvellous Chambers of Flavour. Really a fun experience I can recommend to everyone. It’s a culinary experience with a twist. Literally, you’re part of a theatrical peace while having a gourmet meal. Expect to be part of some audience participation, but the quicker you get into it – or the faster you drink your cocktail – the more fun it will be. The food is excellent but the circumstances are very bizarre, so if you have the chance to experience this place make the best of it and enjoy the ride. A really unique and fantastical setting for a corporate PR event. Well done to the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) for organising.

Safety briefing by the crazy scientist before entering The Chambers of Flavour.

The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour
The Chambers of Flavour

An alternative Christmas party with Village Green.

A great way to finish before the Christmas holidays with a country walk with the guys at the design agency Village Green.

Leading up to the Christmas holidays I had the pleasure of joining the team at Village Green on their annual county walk as an excellent alternative to the traditional Christmas party. A 27 km walk mostly along the river Ouse/Cam from Ely to Waterbeach before catching a lift to Cambridge for an excellent dinner and a well deserved rest for our tired feet.


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Images featured in the November issue of The Idler Magazine.

Images featured in the November issue of The Idler Magazine.

Very pleased to see that some of my images from last summer’s trip to Transylvania in Romania got published in The Idler Magazine’s November issue.

Oli Broom – the man behind the travel company called The Slow Cyclist which arranges cycling tours in Transylvania – had an essay published in the current issue of The Idler Magazine. The essay tells his story of how he went from working in the City to becoming a Slow Cyclist and starting his travel company. Cycling from the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London to Brisbane Cricket Ground in Australia is a pretty awesome achievement, and is an experience most of us will not top.
I had the pleasure of cycling around in Transylvania with him in June 2015 together with a group from the Global Heritage Fund. Oli and his local guides arranged an absolutely fantastic trip for us, eating real home-cooked food in the homes of locals and arranging really lovely accommodation, and slowly cycling through the gorgeous countryside and beautiful Saxon villages. We even had the pleasure of meeting Prince Charles for an inauguration of a traditionally built Kiln with funds raised by The Global Heritage Fund.

You can see more images from this trip in my travel-blog here.


Beautiful print quality in The Idler Magazine.


Golden evening light over the meadows.


The medieval Sighișoara Fortress.


Having a rest in the lovely meadows of Transylvania.


The lovely colourful meadows of Transylvania.


Idyllic place for lunch in Meșendorf.


Tile made the traditional way in a kiln in ApoČ™.



Excellent reviews for my travel photography on Artfinder.

It’s great that Artfinder.com introduced a review system some time back – and I must be doing something right by the look of all the good reviews received so far.

This particular review is the latest of the reviews I’ve received on the Artfinder site, where I sell my limited edition art prints. This was a particularly satisfying sale: Firstly because it was for someone in Singapore, which was one of the places we visited on our around the world travels. Secondly because this is one of my favourite interior architecture images from India. And thirdly but very importantly because of the very lovely communication I had with Kelly, the buyer, over the space of a few months. I’m so happy she did in the end decide to purchase the print and that she was really happy with it.

I wish every buyer would leave a review, good or bad, but most people unfortunately doesn’t. I just really hope the ones that don’t are still really pleased with my travel art photography. I’m hopeful many more will leave a review in the future. Any which way I’m really enjoying having top marks as a five stars seller on Artfinder and that my passion for supplying an excellent service really shines through.


Working with Eddie the Eagle.

Working with Eddie the Eagle at London Waterloo Station.

A really fun afternoon last Friday working with Austrian National Tourist Office and Tirol Werbung GmbH at London Waterloo Station. Great to meet Eddie The Eagle who was an Icon from when I was a budding ski-jumper back growing up in Norway. Here pictured together with Martin Eichtinger, the Austrian ambassador in UK, and Ralph Strampfer, director of the Austrian National Tourist Office in UK.


Tidy office – for once…

My photography post production suite.
My studio where all my photography post production and retouching happens.

My photography post production and retouching suite.

A couple of months ago I had a bit of a clear-up in the office. I thought it was a good day to get a photo taken of my photography post production work-space the way it is supposed to look like.

This is where I retreat after I’ve been out shooting, whether it’s from a travel or commercial photography assignment.
All my images will be carefully adjusted to convey best how I want to capture the atmosphere at the moment it was taken. I rarely do much changes of my images beside contrast, colour, exposure and spotting/clean-up – I prefer to keep them as real as possible and rely on the composition and framing to create the impact. Having said that, sometimes more complicated compositions are needed to achieve what is required – which means more time spent here in my retouching studio.

To achieve this the best way I rely on my many years of experience, state-of-the-art colour-calibrated equipment, and an very organised work-flow.

Shooting for Park Resort in South East England.

Natural lifestyle photography for Park Resorts.

Had the pleasure of working with GDA photographing for Park Resort’s brochures for their holiday parks in South East England.

It was a bit of a challenge as the project had become delayed till after the main holiday season, and the brief was to use real people in the holiday parks as models. With hardly any people left in the parks it was hard to find willing subjects. We had a few fun days shooting in the end, and the weather was quite good to us.

The images below are from the Park Resorts holiday park in Camber Sands.

Playing crazy golf with the grand parents.
Playing crazy golf with the grand parents.
Fun with the swings.
Fun with the swings.
Playing with the dogs on the camping ground.
Playing with the dogs on the camping ground.
Fun family times on the lawn by the caravan.
Fun family time on the lawn by the caravan.
Kids playing on the lawn by the caravans.
Kids playing on the lawn by the caravans.
A couple enjoying the sunset on Camber Sands Beach.
A couple enjoying the sunset on Camber Sands Beach.