Setting up lights for business portraits.

Time-lapse video of me setting up studio lights for a location headshots shoot for a local business.

Thought it be fun to video myself as I was setting up my location studio lights in preparation for a portrait shoot for a local business here on the Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich. Many people are very surprised when they come in for a sitting and see the light set-up, but to ensure a well lit and sharp portrait it is necessary to use the right light, and also importantly the right lens for a good headshot. Setting up and breaking down the studio lights can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of a job which a lot of people might not realise.

Time-laps video of setting up lights on location.

Around the world travel snippets.

A compilation of some video clips filmed while on my around the world travels back in 2012/2013.

A compilation of video clips – behind the scenes (BTS) from around the world travels in 2012-2013. Featuring various modes of transport like train, bus, boat, small air-plane, trekking, zip-lining in India, Thailand, Laos Vietnam and Peru.

Around the world video snippets.

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